About us


The history of our company is a living testimony of the power of creativity, determination and innovation in the world of cybersecurity and technological development. Their customer-centric approach and ability to adapt to constant changes in the digital landscape have made them a benchmark in the industry. Through its modern and sophisticated threat analysis and prevention methods, we are positioned in the top 10 companies in the sector.

Protecting the future

Today, our company remains a leader in cybersecurity and technological development. Their commitment to excellence and passion for protecting the digital future have been instrumental to their continued success. As cyber challenges evolve, we remain steadfast in our mission to provide reliable and advanced solutions to ensure the security of your data and the protection of your privacy in the digital world.

The technological revolution

LINUXCORP was not only dedicated to cybersecurity, but also invested in technological research and development. Its team of engineers worked on ambitious projects, such as artificial intelligence applied to threat detection and advanced cryptography. These innovations not only improved the efficiency of its services, but also enabled our company to offer more robust and sophisticated solutions to its clients.

We are a reference

LINUXCORP over time became a benchmark in the cybersecurity and technological development industry. Their customer-centric approach, their ability to adapt and their constant search for innovative solutions took them to the top of the sector. Its growth was impressive, expanding internationally and collaborating with other leading technology companies.

Our references

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